Wisconsin is known for its beer and cheese. We like to help spread that thought. with a fine collection of some the best award winning cheeses, famous Carr Valley cheddars, Local blues, Ellsworth Cheese Curds to name just a few! Of course crackers to go with that cheese are a must.


Tasty treats and specialty foods

Jam, jellies, preserves, breads, pancake mixes and pickles are just a few of the yummy taste treats from all over the state. Local preserved foods like sauerkraut and kim chi, preserves and jams from almost every fruit imaginable along with pickles, salsas and all kinds of other treats.


Chocolate and Sweets

Explore the options in our candy case filled with exceptional chocolates, truffles and homemade fudge! Discover famous Wisconsin treats (must have a Cow Pie!) and vintage candies that take you back to the good ol days.


Watkins Products

You will find a grand selection of the famous Watkins company products, from just down river in Winona! Soaps, lotions, remedies and cleaning products to do home and body good!

Artisan Brews

Part two of Wisconsin's fame: Beer. our store has one of the largest selections of Wiscsonsin's best brews from every part of the state. Lagers from Madison, Pilsners from Milwaukee and of course one of the states great non-exports, New Glarus.


Wisconsin Wines & Spirits

From Door County to the shores of Lake Pepin, Wisconsin wines have grown into a delicious collection of fruity, grapey delights. Hardy grapes, delicious fruits, world class ciders and unexpected, delicious combinations are all here. Over 60 delicious wines to choose from and an exceptional selection of regional spirits - world class bourbons, vodkas, liqueurs and gins.


Local Specialties

Local Jenny Lind Bakery items, Weiss Woods maple syrup, Woodland maple sugars, Honey Hill honey , J.M. Watkins meats, Matts eggs and famous Angelica's Gardens fermented foods and more!


The General Store gifts, toys and fun stuff!

Pie = Love, right? That's what the t-shirts say, so its gotta be true. Take more than a slice of pie home. T-shirts and aprons... what a perfect pie day wardrobe! You will also discover a nostalgia filled selection of great gifts, cards, home decor and a whole bunch more!

Espresso Bar

Stockholm Pie and General Store offers a complete espresso bar serving Illi Italian espresso.
Organic teas, chai and other beverages are available.

Stockholm Pie and General Store
N2030 Spring Street, Stockholm, Wisconsin, 54769 P: 715.442.5505